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Significantly better outcomes.

Improve the overall experience through tailored communications to patients on your therapy.





As a pharmaceutical or biotech company, you want patients to succeed on your therapy. However, they can experience barriers—emotional, logistical, and financial and more—that get in the way of treatment. Human Care Systems understands these roadblocks. That’s why we developed Resilix™, our CRM platform that delivers personalized omnichannel communications and clinical services that support patients and HCPs. With it, we can measurably improve access, use, experience, and outcomes.

Built specifically for highly personalized patient relationship management

Resilix™ is a cloud-based, scalable, HIPAA compliant platform that supports the delivery of personalized, omnichannel patient communications throughout the treatment experience. Drive disease awareness and diagnosis, reimbursement support, and adherence programs with Resilix™, the patient engagement platform.

We deliver results


IMPROVED Adherence
To Hepatitis C Therapy

High Satisfaction
for patients in our programs

Improved Outcomes
For insulin pump users; lowered a1c levels

Of patients said our programs helped them take their medication as prescribed.


Patients Supported


Patient Populations


Return on Investment

A few of our clients who are improving the patient experience

What patients are saying

“Most medicine doesn’t make you feel very special or individualized. This whole process has me…hopeful. It makes it feel like it is individualized.”

“I feel like I have a coach. It’s a good thing and a big deal. It’s nice to know that someone other than my family members are taking an interest in my continued health and improvement.”

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