Adherence Programs

Drive optimal use with smart technology and dedicated nurses
Once a script is approved and patients have their medication in hand, the right ongoing adherence support will ensure correct administration and timely refills. Our technology and nurse support are specifically designed to deliver personalized and scalable interactions that help patients take their treatment exactly as prescribed.

Ensure Correct Administration

Real world use, in many ways, poses a different challenge than a controlled trial experience. To get to similar outcomes, and to ensure your product reaches its full potential, patient barriers to correct use must be addressed.

With patients managing their own treatment schedule, whether at home or in-office administration, incorrect use presents in various ways. It’s in skipping doses, delaying the next administration, cutting tablets, injecting in the wrong location, not taking food requirements into consideration, incorrect storage, ordering refills too late, drawing up excessive air, etc.

Good adherence starts with understanding all the ways real life can get in the way of correct administration and systematically addressing each of those barriers and misunderstandings.

Multiple Touchpoint - Human Care Systems

Use a dedicated technology platform to uncover and address barriers

Both our technology and our nurse support are designed to help patients overcome barriers to treatment adherence. Through our existing set of adherence barriers, plus any research your team has done, and/or additional research Human Care Systems conducts, we load the applicable patient barriers and approved talking points for each of them into our platform Resilix®.

Our user interface helps nurses uncover barriers through assessments and a dedicated barrier feature. Next, users log every interaction from barrier creation, to the talking points that were used in each conversation, to barrier resolution. Patient barriers can also be addressed with digital touches, email, text messages, chat bot, in combination with human interactions or as stand-alone digital adherence program.

Focus nurses on optimal use

Just like our platform Resilix is created to uncover and address challenges to optimal use, so is our Treatment Experience Nurse team trained to help patients overcome barriers to adherence and persistence. With the experience of millions of patient conversations under our belt, we developed a comprehensive system for hiring, training, and ongoing professional development for our nurses. Your product’s optimal use, according to doctor’s prescription, is our nurses’ top priority.

Optimal Use of Therapy - Human Care Systems

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