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Differentiate your contact center by using the Resilix® full-service platform developed for the pharmaceutical industry
Contact centers and field service providers operating in the pharmaceutical and broader health care industry represent a niche on their own. The stringent regulatory requirements, combined workflows with different stakeholders, and patient and/or HCP audiences all point to the need for a dedicated platform designed specifically for this use case. The Resilix platform offers this solution straight out of the box, fully configurable to fit your client’s needs, no extra development required.

Tap into our first-hand experience and differentiate your contact center

At Human Care Systems we run our own contact center too. Our programs used to run on Salesforce, but after considerable custom coding and repeatably spending unexpected additional resources to launch programs successfully, we realized Salesforce was not the right technology to build the patient-centric solutions we want to offer. So we developed the Resilix platform.

Because of our first-hand experience in developing and delivering contact center solutions, we intimately understand the product requirements for the best user experience and our in-house Product and Technology teams have designed and build our platform precisely so.

Patient Interactions Map - Human Care Systems

Use CRM, Telephony, Marketing Automation, Content Management all in one platform

The Resilix platform is a single application solution. All user types/roles log into the same platform and access those features they have permission to use. In addition, the platform combines features and functionalities that you would normally only be able to use by logging in to several different applications. The Resilix platform is also available as downloadable application for easy access on all devices.

Through API integrations, building out functional controls in our own user interface, and sometimes by embedding tools in the UI, the Resilix platform can seamlessly incorporate functionalities and operate as a full-service CRM, telephony, MA, and CMS platform. The user experience is better this way, but more importantly the ultimate patient and HCP experience is much more integrated and personalized.

Drive Compliant, Effective, and Efficient interactions

The Resilix platform is built around 3 pillars of excellence for Contact Centers: Compliant, Effective, and efficient interactions. Through configurable call and work flows, there’s never confusion about the latest approved talking points. Our Adverse Event and Product Complaint reporting feature ensures your staff submits AEs in a timely, compliant manner. We drive effective calls and visits by putting the needs of your stakeholders at the forefront of the user interface.

Assessments and barrier features help agents uncover and address patient barriers to treatment initiation and adherence. Lastly, the Resilix platform drives efficient operations. All the information agents need to prepare for their call or visit is conveniently summarized on a dedicated pre-call work screen. Time on phone is optimized by presenting information where users need it, and documentation is mostly automated so agents can fully focus on their conversations, reducing after call work to a minimum.

Pillars of Contact Center - Human Care Systems

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