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Today’s commercial model asks for high quality, focused interactions between your field forces, HCPs, and patients that create an environment in which patients can thrive on your therapy. The Resilix™ Treatment Experience Platform gets the right information to physicians at the right time to help them better manage their patients.

Direct to HCP digital support

Physicians are often so busy that they have minimal time to speak with your field forces. As a result, they may not have the time or the focus to get the answers they need to help them feel confident about prescribing and managing your therapy. Relevant digital outreach can support your sales rep visits and provide HCPs with information they can digest when it suits them most. When a sales rep adds a doctor to the Resilix™ CRM, they receive a personalized, digital stream of product information to keep them informed about disease and treatment management, priming doctors with the right information to facilitate future sales rep conversations.

Contact Center & Field Force Platform - Human Care Systems

Clinical support services

From prescription through managing side effects, dose titrations, and considering combination therapies, it is paramount that clinicians are provided with the most relevant, up-to-date, and detailed information about your therapy. To supplement your field force, Human Care Systems employs MSLs, Dieticians, Case Managers, and PharmDs who engage with HCPs via video or phone as a cost-effective, compliant, high-impact clinical education solution. By outsourcing MSL support, you can help HCPs get the answers they need to medical and scientific questions without the need for an in-person visit.

Patient progress reports

Resilix™ supports automated progress reports that provide regular updates (via a portal, push email, print, or fax) on patient status and engagement. These reports help clinicians assess and address patient challenges on treatment, and include information on patient adherence, adverse events, topics discussed with nurses, and services provided, as well as dispense and benefits information.

Automated progress reports help doctors understand patient progress between HCP visits when they don’t have the benefit of seeing the patient in person. This can help a doctor prepare for the next visit, or even prompt outreach directly to the patient, encouraging a more open line of communication between the doctor and patient about the challenging topics surrounding adherence.

Triggered field force alerts

Field force alerts support your sales reps’ interactions with doctors by keeping them informed about practices that could benefit from high-touch support. That way, field reps are able to make a more informed outreach to HCPs when patients are at risk of dropping off.

The Resilix™ platform combines metrics from all partners, including Veeva and Salesforce, and auto-generates customized reports and alerts for field forces. Sales reps can access dashboards that give insight into trends among patients and prescribers in their region, including enrollment and adherence trends. Metrics and KPIs provide continuous snapshots of HCP behavior.

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