Hub Services

Get patients started on the right foot

Our streamlined hub service helps patients get started on therapy quickly and confidently by integrating with your pharmacies and distribution partners to deliver a personalized experience. This helps ensure that no patient falls through the cracks.

Inbound order management

We provide inbound order management, offering fax, phone, and online enrollment. Case managers serve as a single point of contact for patients and providers, from initial order through reimbursement, initiation, and long-term adherence to medication.

Efficient, streamlined order management ensures that patients gain access to therapy as quickly as possible, and that both patients and providers have a positive onboarding experience.

Treatment Initiation - Human Care Systems

Reimbursement services

We help patients overcome reimbursement challenges and serve as a patient advocate within the reimbursement landscape. Our Resilix™ platform communicates directly with payers and pharmacies, while back office reimbursement specialists provide additional support for cases with benefits investigation or prior authorization challenges. Expedited prior authorization and appeals systems allow patients to initiate treatment quickly and avoid therapy gaps.

With long-term payer relationships, we provide patients with expert insight into policies, coverage, and funding options. As we’re working with patients, real-time data reporting and analytics give you an inside view of the reimbursement process and patient experience.

Financial assistance

We work with partners to deliver co-pay support to eligible patients. Expert reimbursement specialists will also pursue charitable foundations and state and federal programs to ensure eligible patients can afford treatment. As a single point of contact, case mangers help patients understand the financial assistance process, and support patients dealing with emotional or practical barriers associated with financial challenges.

Omnichannel Nurse Support - Human Care Systems

Patient support

Our case managers can deliver personalized adherence support to patients throughout their treatment journey as an additional service. Enrolled patients receive personalized, interactive support via phone, SMS, apps, web, and print materials. Our support programs feature comprehensive, tailored support designed to enhance clinician care. Frequent digital interactions keep patients engaged with their therapy without incurring high costs.

Non-commercial pharmacy partnerships

We work with non-commercial pharmacies to dispense free specialty treatments to uninsured or under-insured patients in compliance with laws and regulations. Leveraging our extensive experience working with patient assistance programs, quick start programs, and bridge programs, you and your patients are protected from inducement and kickback risks, while preventing therapy gaps and non-initiation for eligible patients.

Adherence Programs - Human Care Systems

Master data management

Access all your data, all in one place. Our Hub Services collects robust patient, physician, reimbursement, and dispense data. Comprehensive dashboards and portals give clarity and insight into patients’ treatment experiences. All data is stored securely and in compliance with HIPAA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards.

Data can be used to contribute to the scientific community’s understanding of your patients’ conditions and treatments. All data collection and analysis is designed to enable program stakeholders to publish studies and share key findings.

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