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Deliver personalized patient support with best-in-class Treatment Experience Nurse
Patient Support Programs achieve greater results when best-in-class nurses are trained to recognize and address the barriers individual patients face while on treatment. These valuable, human interactions drive optimal use of therapy when applied strategically and supplemented by the right, omni-channel digital touchpoints.

Select Best-in-Class Nurses

Effective patient support starts with hiring the best nurses and ensuring their training is comprehensive and focused on maximum patient impact. Each of our Treatment Experience Nurses is selected for their background in a specific disease area and their proactive, and empathetic approach.

We hire our Treatment Experience Nurses as employees, not as contractors, to ensure ongoing investment and focus on their professional development.

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Deliver Impactful Interactions

We train our nurses beyond program content. Since non-adherence is a multifactorial problem, effective programs use a comprehensive approach that combines several proven strategies and techniques.

Our solutions are based in behavioral science and draw from Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Motivational Interviewing, Effective Pedagogy, and Self-Management principles. In addition, we developed our own ‘Impactful Interactions’ framework, that integrates and applies these strategies specifically to the pharmaceutical treatment support setting.

Our Resilix® platform also drives these behavioral techniques, by triggering the right motivational questions to uncover barriers, and help patients problem-solve, as well as by using an omni-channel, personalized way to connect to patient’s individual learning style.

Exceptional Compliance & Management

Patient needs and interests come first in all program objectives. Our top priority is to help patients safely and effectively use medication as prescribed by their doctor. To achieve this, all messaging to patients is rigorously controlled and only approved content is utilized.

In addition, all calls are recorded for quality control and evaluation purposes, and both internal and external deidentified call calibrations are conducted to ensure program objectives are being met and nurses have maximum impact. Lastly, valuable patient input is used to establish a continual feedback loop to program teams, both externally and internally.

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