Patient CRM & Digital Engagement

Drive smarter, more effective digital and live patient communications through SMS, email, web, mobile, phone, video, click-to-chat, field, etc.

Resilix™ is a cloud-based, scalable, HIPAA compliant platform that supports the delivery of personalized, omnichannel patient communications throughout the treatment experience. Drive disease awareness and diagnosis, reimbursement support, and adherence programs with Resilix™, the patient engagement platform.

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Employ rules-driven communication

Resilix™ is specifically designed to optimally engage patients in the pre-treatment and ongoing treatment experience. Integrations with other systems and sources are quickly set up and ensure a prompt response to patient inquiries.

Rules-driven automatic cadences of communications engage patients digitally, while their responses and interactions are captured carefully to provide insight into the funnel. Analytics dashboards show actionable insights into the success of our outreach to patients.

Engage patients when and how they prefer

Deliver the right message at the right time, via the right channels. We employ a combination of email, text, and click-to-chat to see the patient through prescription, fulfillment, and initiation. Resilix™ predictive algorithms drive smart omnichannel interactions to help patients overcome barriers to talking to their doctor about treatment.

If your patients need ongoing support post-initiation, we also offer comprehensive patient support programs to see patients through the complete treatment journey.

Address patient barriers directly

Starting a new medication is a personal and sometimes difficult decision. Each product comes with important considerations that patients should be aware of prior to prescription and initiation. In addition to that, patients may have their own questions or doubts that impact the decision and conversation with their provider.

Human Care Systems drafts content to address those barriers to initiation and works with your medical, legal, and regulatory teams to approve this content for use. We can also use any existing approved CRM content, or use our standard set of barrier-based materials to get the right messages in front of patients when they are in the process of making a decision about your therapy.

Strengthen agency partnerships

If you already work with an agency, we will work with them to execute the CRM strategy that best serves your brand. Agencies can also hire us as their CRM platform.

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