Patient Services Infrastructure

Run all patient services and support off of one platform to create an integrated patient experience
Services run smoother when they are delivered off of one platform. Manage the underlying infrastructure that drives an otherwise fragmented service offering and increase visibility into how your fulfillment and ongoing support services are performing. By insourcing the platform itself, and having your internal teams and external vendors use it, all information is in one central system and all patient communications finally fall into place.

Configure your custom services set-up

The Resilix® platform offers a configurable solution to support all patient services. The different workflows needed to support Prior Authorization, Benefits Investigation, Adherence Support, etc. can be set-up to match the unique needs for your product and company.

Unlike generic platforms, like Salesforce, where the system is unaware of the meaning of a workflow, the Resilix platform is built for the pharmaceutical industry and inherently understands the connection between script, patient, insurance, etc. Therefore, updates made in any workflow step can be configured to automatically trigger the right follow-up communications and actions to any other stakeholder or rule in the system.

Integration with third-party - Human Care Systems

Integrate with electronic tools for faster fulfillment

The Resilix platform easily integrates with other systems and external tools. Integrations with electronic prior-authorization, electronic benefits investigation, and co-pay assistance tools and providers are all supported and available to build into your customizable workflows for appropriate follow-up steps.

Manage Content where it’s used

Different services need different content – talking points, text messages, emails, etc. – to communicate their progress to patients and other parties. In a highly regulated environment like ours, it’s important to have access to the latest approved messages and use them in the right context.

Our platform Resilix’ integrated content management system organizes content by workflow, call flow, and/or by topic. When patients face barriers to initiating treatment for example, all related materials to address these barriers are stored in one location, their usage is tracked with every click, and reports are available to summarize user interaction with the content.

Design the right Patient Service Set-up for your brand

It’s important to think about the right patient experience on your brand from start to finish and to choose service providers and tools that can deliver on that.

Human Care Systems maps out the ideal patient experience for your brand, from treatment consideration through ongoing use, designs the right workflows for each party, and creates the appropriate content to support each workstream.

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