Patient Support Programs

Engage patients and manage barriers – side effects, self-injection, cost, understanding, motivation, etc. – to help patients stay on therapy
We help patients overcome the barriers that can prevent them from succeeding on specialized therapies through personalized, omni-channel support programs that truly engage patients.

We take a barrier-based approach

For patients, there are many challenges that can get in the way of using therapy as prescribed. Issues such as payment, side effects, and forgetting doses are common. But there is more. We look at the complete picture, including physical, psychosocial, and motivational challenges. Both the Resilix® platform and the content of patient interactions are specially designed to recognize and address the barriers unique to each of your patients.

Patient Experience Map - Human Care Systems

Personalized and truly patient-centric

Every patient will face a different set of barriers that may change over the course of their treatment. Our programs are built to constantly screen for these barriers, and adjust the frequency and content of interactions accordingly, creating a truly personalized experience.

Where traditional PSPs expose all patients to the same content at the same point in treatment, our programs deliver a personalized experienced based on individual barriers. Patients are more engaged in their treatment when we approach them with content that is relevant to their needs.

Delivered by experienced Treatment Experience Nurses

Our team of Treatment Experience Nurses is expertly trained to identify and address patient barriers to initiation, adherence, and persistence. Nurses are trained to use approved talking points and positive reinforcement to encourage proactive, healthy behaviors that help patients overcome challenges.

Patients are always connected with their personal nurse case manager, who serves as their single point of contact for the PSP. Nurses use the Resilix platform to record patient info, report adverse events, and follow up on any barriers identified during each call.

The Resilix™️ platform puts all of your data in one place

The Resilix platform collects real-world treatment, patient, and physician data, including usage, impact, experience, and outcome. Review results through a cloud-based dashboard that provides clarity and insight into the patient’s experience. To ensure privacy, all data is stored securely and in compliance with HIPAA and local regulations.

With the Resilix platform, you can easily get value from your data by setting triggered or timed reports and alerts for field teams, marketing, and sales. You can also generate real-world evidence for payers, and use your data to inform publications.

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