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Launch to market with a flawless patient experience and set your brand up for long-term success
Prescriber’s first impressions with your product determine their further adoption, and patients’ sharing of their experience on social media is increasingly influential to the success of your product. Human Care Systems gets the patient experience right straightaway when a new brand or indication is brought to market.

Launch with Great Patient Support

During the hectic pre-launch period, Patient Support can be overlooked, or approached as add-on service delivered through Hub or Specialty Pharmacy, but launching your brand with the right dedicated patient support is no longer a nice to have.

Strong brands offer a great patient experience. In our survey with 76 industry leaders, conducted early 2019, respondents overwhelmingly agreed that Patient Support is critical to the success of a brand.

Human Care Systems designs, develops, and delivers Patient Support through our Resilix® platform and our Treatment Experience Navigators. We’ll be up and running well before the first scripts are written.

Meet Patient Expectations - Human Care Systems

Meet Today’s Patient Expectations

Interactions with large consumer brands like Apple, Amazon, etc. have raised the bar for what people expect from the way they’re approached by professional brands. Seamless, interconnected communications, aligned with their personal preferences, channels, frequency of messaging, are all basics in today’s brand-customer relationships. The delivery experience of Patient Support can’t stay behind and should match those modern standards.

Our Resilix platform does just that specifically for the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. By consolidating CRM, Content Management System, and Marketing Automation features in one configurable platform, Resilix quickly delivers a seamless patient experience for launching brands.

Design the right experience through our Program Strategy and Content expertise

Human Care Systems has extensive experience in designing Patient Support Programs. Through conducting and/or analyzing population specific literature reviews, and patient and HCP interviews, we quickly map out the patient experience on your brand including the barriers that may come up for patient along the way.

Next, we build a program architecture that meets the needs of your brand and budget, with the right distribution of touches, through the right channels, and with the right content that addresses any patient barriers to optimal use. We develop content too (patient friendly talking points, emails, text messages, etc.), for your medical, legal, regulatory approval, or use existing pre-approved materials.

Patient Journey - Human Care Systems
Product Launch Support at Human Care Systems

Focus on future growth

Preparing for growth – more indications, more geographies, more patients – while remaining nimble at launch can be a unique complexity launching brand teams face. Scalability is a key competency to look for when setting up services and support vendors.

Human Care Systems’ technology, nurse staffing, and pricing assume variable conditions, but more importantly our teams and technology can accommodate your brand’s success. Through ongoing scalability, performance, and reliability testing we ensure the Resilix platform can handle increasing volumes and usage and we have a proven track record of rapidly being able to expand our team of Treatment Experience Navigators when timelines are tight.

Optimize patients’ use of therapy, powered by the Resilix platform, delivered by Treatment Experience Nurses.

The Resilix platform is a cloud-based platform that delivers personalized, omni-channel patient communication by combining CRM, CMS and MA features into one configurable platform.

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Treatment Experience Nursing™ (TXN™)

Treatment Experience Nursing™ (TXN™) Team is powered by the Resilix platform and provides personalized, live interactions, complemented by digital touches to help patients overcome barriers to optimal therapy use.

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