Treatment Initiation

Impact product initiation beyond access concerns, by addressing all patient initiation barriers.
Many scripts never get filled, or they get abandoned after approval, or they don’t get used after delivery. Human Care Systems helps patients through any challenges that come up between the moment a prescription is written and when they take their first dose.

Set patients up for success

Patient Initiation is often used as a synonym to Patient Access.

Human Care Systems’ Resilix™️ platform supports all order fulfillment and reimbursement processes. But just as important, during this sometimes consuming process, we support patients by setting expectations, providing education, and helping them stay motivated and proactively engaged to pursue their doctor’s prescription. When prescriptions are approved and delivered, we still don’t consider our job done.

We know that patient initiation is about more than facilitating access, it is about actually taking the first dose. We understand that even when the script is approved, even when the package is delivered from the SP, even when the injection training was given, a patient still may decide not to start.

Human Care Systems is there to guide people through this period by addressing any and all doubts they may have, explaining safe administration, discussing when to contact the doctor, and by building the right ongoing habits to set people up for success on treatment.

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Address barriers with live and digital touches

From the very first call, our team of Treatment Experience Nurses delivers personalized initiation support through a combination of live and digital touches. Although they can transfer to Reimbursement Specialists, we find that having a Treatment Experience Nurse as the first point of contact makes the difference in ultimate initiation rates.

Through thousands of prior patient conversations in the initiation phase, we know just about every challenge that can come up during this uncertain period. From financial barriers, to worries about possible side effects, from motivation for insurance appeals, to misunderstandings about administration, we acknowledge, normalize, and address these challenges, so that people can start their therapy feeling confident and in charge.

Customizable workflows and integrated ePA and eBI

Resilix™️ offers a configurable solution to support all patient services. The different workflows needed to support Prior Authorization and Benefits Investigation processes, can be set-up to match the unique needs for your product and company.

Integrations with electronic prior-authorization, electronic benefits investigation, and co-pay assistance tools and providers are all supported and available to build into your customizable workflows for appropriate follow-up steps and communications.

Customizable Workflows - Resilix

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