The Power to Control the Patient Experience.

The Resilix platform is specifically designed
for pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver and optimize their Patient Services. 

The system provides omnichannel treatment support to patients and HCPs to maximize initiation, adherence, and persistence.
All channels, UI, data entities, content & business rules in the Resilix platform are configurable for each client, program, and user role.
This provides pharmaceutical companies the ability to control the entire treatment experience including
reimbursement, fulfillment, ongoing adherence, outcomes, and data collection from one single platform.

Better Treatment Experiences

Interactions delivered through the Resilix platform are personalized, omni-channel and coordinated, which results in a better treatment experience. By integrating with different parties (e.g. Hub, SP) and by having users in different Patient Services roles use the Resilix platform to guide and track their workflows and interactions, patient touchpoints are better coordinated and a 360° view of the patient’s experience on treatment is created.

Through predictive analytics patient needs are anticipated and used to deploy human interaction in a smart and efficient way. This leads to a streamlined, personalized, and high-value experience for patients and HCPs.

Built for Operational Excellence

The Resilix platform has numerous features built for the demands of operating Patient Services effectively and efficiently. We reduce preparation and documentation times and help improve productivity and efficiency of Patient Services roles. The Resilix platform is a fully validated system that meets the highest standards for data security and privacy. Our robust Quality Management System follows FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance standards and provides policies and procedures to meet our client’s and regulatory requirements.

In terms of Security, the Resilix platform was recently extensively audited and classified at low vulnerability risk by an external party through DAST and penetration testing. Our uptime is also great: with 99.95% uptime we are confident we are online whenever our users are online.

Speed and Flexibility

The Resilix platform is a flexible system that can be adapted easily to accommodate the needs of different pharma brands. Instead of custom developing or hard coding solutions, the Resilix platform is built in a completely configurable way. This allows us to launch new programs quickly and without surprise delays or added scope.

Because the Resilix platform is purpose built for Patient Services, all base functionality is already developed. Making connections is core to the Resilix platform. Connections with patients in the first place, but especially also connections between Patient Services roles, Hubs, Specialty Pharmacies, and other CRMs and databases are seamlessly set-up through Resilix’ robust integration engine.



Barrier Identification & Solution System
Patient Progress Report
Omnichannel Cadences
Call Flow
Resource Database
Post Call Email
Smart Task List
Reminder Scheduling
Omnichannel Engagement Timeline


Entity Management
Rules Engine
Dynamic Forms and Fields
Configurable Screens
2-way SMS (now with NLP)


Audit Trail
Omnichannel Consents
Password Management
AE Reporting and Submission
User Authentication and Role Management
Omnichannel Cadences
Unified Inbox
Automated Notes
Reporting and Dashboards


Master Data Management

  • ACID compliant document-based database offering the flexibility to support unique program data model
  • Identity management and advanced duplication detection
  • Multilayer security and encryption built in
  • Extremely reliable and fault tolerant for maximum uptime
  • Database design ready for business intelligence

Robust Architecture

  • Powerful back-end technology is scalable and expandable
  • Ability to handle high volume of concurrent connections for optimal user performance
  • Automatic scaling based on load
  • Reliability and high availability through AWS
  • Highly responsive user experience
  • Configurable, component-based design


  • Turn features on and off per program based on business need
  • Support for advanced business rules
  • Rapid program launch – create an entire program with a single script
  • Robust API for configuration and master data management
  • Advanced adapter system to quickly integrate with 3rd party platforms

Cloud-Based Solution

  • Automatic upgrades
  • Secure access from anywhere
  • No need to download software locally
  • Real-time notifications
  • Single Sign On

Process & Quality

  • Quality management system based on ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Agile development approach
  • Thousands of automated tests to ensure high quality
  • Fully automated deployment process

Encryption and Multilevel Security

  • Encryption at rest and transit
  • Meets SOC Type II security standards
  • Secure AWS platform
  • Restricted access to production systems
  • Meets data residency requirements

The Resilix platform powers multiple applications

Treatment Initiation - Human Care Systems

Reimbursement and Treatment Initiation

Adherence Programs - Human Care Systems


Patient Services Infrastructure - Human Care Systems

Patient Services Infrastructure

Omnichannel Nurse Support - Human Care Systems

Omnichannel Nurse Support

Contact Center & Field Force Platform - Human Care Systems

Contact Center and Field Force Platform

Patient CRM & Digital Engagement

Patient CRM and Digital Engagement

Patient Support Programs - Human Care Systems

Patient Support Programs

Product Launch Support - Human Care Systems

Product Launch Support

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