Resilix™ Platform

One platform to improve initiation, adherence, and persistence to your brands

Interact with patients and HCPs using an omnichannel approach

The most effective interventions to address nonadherence include a combination of channels and messages.

The Resilix™️ platform takes an integrated approach to reach patients where and how they prefer.

Our advanced rules engine and personalized algorithms schedule, prompt, and respond to a patient’s most current needs to deliver a personalized, truly patient-centric approach.

Integrate with a variety of partners

The Resilix™️ platform is designed to easily work with other parties, such as specialty pharmacies, hubs, or other vendors. It connects the dots by providing the data everyone needs at the right time, enhancing each party’s services.

A single, streamlined patient experience helps to solve for reimbursement, access, and all other barriers to optimal use, ensuring cohesive and consistent support across parties.

Predict, prevent, resolve patient barriers

Through predictive analytics, the Resilix™️ platform helps you reduce patient drop-off. Equipped with smart machine learning algorithms, it recognizes important patterns in patient behavior and predicts patient needs before they arise.

The Resilix™️ platform provides a real chance to personalize support and prevent and/or resolve patient barriers, even adverse events, before they disrupt the treatment journey. Associative logic is used to determine the right content and the right time for delivery given a patient’s profile.

Analyze a wide range of data

The Resilix™️ platform combines data from all integration partners, allowing analysis of clinical, fulfillment, operational data, and program-related KPIs. With this intel at your fingertips, you can:

  • Autogenerate customized reports for key stakeholders (e.g., sales, pharmacovigilance, brand leadership, and more.)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different tactics (enrollment channels, co-pay support, home infusion, etc.) and determine which patients and HCPs benefit most from these
  • Develop deeper insights into the funnel and the reasons behind patient drop-off


Document-based database

  • Unparalleled flexibility and speed of deployment
  • Multilayer security and encryption built in
  • Extremely reliable and fault tolerant for maximum uptime
  • Database design ready for business intelligence

Lightweight, flexible server architecture

  • Powerful back-end technology is scalable and expandable
  • Ability to handle high volume of concurrent connections for optimal user performance

Adaptable user-interface framework with extensive visualization options

  • Highly responsive user experience
  • Configurable, component-based design

Scalable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services

  • Automatic scaling based on load
  • Reliability and high availability through AWS

Encryption and multilevel security

  • Quality management system based on ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Encryption at rest and transit
  • Multilayer security measures
  • Secure AWS platform
  • Restricted access to production systems
  • Meets data residency requirements

Cloud-based solution

  • Automatic upgrades
  • Secure access from anywhere
  • No need to download software locally
  • API access and integration
  • Unified identity management
  • Real-time notifications

The Resilix™️ platform powers multiple applications

Treatment Initiation - Human Care Systems

Reimbursement and Treatment Initiation

Adherence Programs - Human Care Systems

Adherence Programs

Patient Services Infrastructure - Human Care Systems

Patient Services Infrastructure

Omnichannel Nurse Support - Human Care Systems

Omnichannel Nurse Support

Contact Center & Field Force Platform - Human Care Systems

Contact Center and Field Force Platform

Patient CRM & Digital Engagement

Patient CRM and Digital Engagement

Patient Support Programs - Human Care Systems

Patient Support Programs

Product Launch Support - Human Care Systems

Product Launch Support

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