The CRM Built for Pharmaceutical Patient Services

More and more pharmaceutical companies are looking to coordinate their end-to-end patient services from one platform to increase insight into patient behaviors, deliver better patient experience, help more patients start and stay on therapy, and achieve the best possible outcomes for patient treatment.

But not all patient management solutions are the same. At HCS, we used to run our patient services on, and while we always managed—with considerable custom coding and unexpected additional resources—to launch our programs successfully, we realized was not the right technology to build the patient-centric solutions HCS wants to offer. So we created Resilix™.

Resilix™ is different because it is:

  • Built first and foremost to help patients overcome challenges initiating and adhering to treatment. Other solutions are built around data collection.
  • Omnichannel out of the box. No plug-ins or additional apps are needed to set up call centers or to communicate with patients via text or email. All channels are configurable in the same way, and interactions patients have via one channel can trigger different actions in other channels.
  • Fast and easy to configure. Most configurations take 1/5 of the person-hours of a comparable program developed in Resilix™ not only gets you up and running faster but also makes it possible to quickly adapt your programs as your product data and market conditions change.
  • Built to integrate with hubs, specialty pharmacies, and co-pay cards. Enroll patients via these channels and tailor your communication cadence based on what the patient has already shared with these key channels.

Stop trying to customize your sales CRM to meet patients needs. Instead, turn to a platform that is patient centric out of the box. Fill out the form above for a needs assessment and discover why Human Care Systems is the right choice for you.