Deliver best-in-class nurse support
to your patients

Selected for their background in a particular disease area and/or experience in education, Treatment Experience Nurses at Human Care Systems are licensed, and registered professionals dedicated to delivering best-in-class nurse support.

Treatment Experience Nurses complete thorough training in HIPAA, Privacy & Security, Pharmacovigilance, Product and Program and are continuously monitored and coached on delivering impactful patient interactions.

By truly connecting with the individual patient, Treatment Experience Nurses are able to identify patient needs and help them take appropriate follow-up steps to overcome their challenges to optimal therapy use.

Maximize each high-value
Navigator/Patient touchpoint

Using our proprietary platform Resilix®, Treatment Experience Nurses ensure patients get the optimal value from our programs and their experience on therapy.

The Resilix platform is specifically designed to help Treatment Experience Nurses easily recognize patient barriers to treatment initiation and adherence, and offer the right approved talking points to address these barriers. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), The Resilix platform flags patients with a higher risk of non-adherence and adjusts the frequency and content of our outreach accordingly.

The complete value and reinforcement of our messaging really comes together when live interactions (phone, video, SMS, click-to-chat), are combined with digital touchpoints (email, portals, assessments) to create a truly personalized, omnichannel patient experience.

Optimize patient real world use of treatment

Many challenges can get in the way of starting and using therapy as prescribed. Financial concerns, side effects, and forgetting doses to name a few. Every patient faces a unique set of variable barriers throughout their treatment journey.

Our Treatment Experience Nurses are trained to recognize and identify these barriers, and to address them by using evidence-based interventions. Through this barrier-based approach we’re able to personalize our support and measurably improve initiation, adherence, and ultimately outcomes of treatment.

Comply with all relevant laws and regulations

“Product Support is appropriate and beneficial to federal healthcare programs and their beneficiaries.”

This core finding by the Justice Department* re-affirms the right and responsibility of manufacturers to deliver their labels in the real world.

Addressing patient knowledge gaps, their beliefs and motivation for treatment, their proper administration of therapy, are all crucial to ensure patients accurately and safely follow their prescription.

At Human Care Systems, we understand the complexities of regulatory guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry. Messaging to patients is therefore rigorously controlled, reinforcing the patient’s relationship with their physician, and reviewed for compliance from medical, legal, and regulatory perspectives. Treatment Experience Nurses are highly skilled in recognizing and reporting PV Data within regulatory guidelines and timelines and 100% of patient and caregiver interactions are recorded for quality control and evaluation of call effectiveness.

*The Justice Department recently filed motions to dismiss “with prejudice” 11 lawsuits against 38 different pharmaceutical companies related to patient support.



  • Outbound calls based on stratified cadence (high support vs low support)
  • Programs with a Single Outbound Call + Digital Support


  • Real-time support for patients when they need it most
  • 100% compliance with all client SLAs since inception


  • Patient needs may not end with business hours
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Extended After-Hours Support


  • SMS & Email Support
  • Click-to-Chat
  • Video Conferencing


  • Treatment Experience Nurses are highly skilled in recognizing and reporting PV Data within regulatory guidelines and timelines


  • 8:1 Maximum Nurse-to-Nurse Manager Ratio
  • Average Nurse Experience: 9.2 years
  • Weekly call evaluations by Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Full-time, employed nurses dedicated to the treatment experience
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